Generator Service Questions

easy-ripe-evoEven a hot rod needs oil changes, and as long as people use machines, machines will require maintenance. If your generator does not appear to be functioning correctly, however, please follow the instructions below.

Remember: It can be costly and dangerous to tamper with technology, and if you are renting a generator, you are responsible for it. Please contact us for information regarding generator repairs.

  1. Check to be sure that the electricity to the generator is correct.
  2. Check the circuit breaker and reset if necessary.
  3. Check the OPERATION STATUS INDICATOR light (if so equipped).

RED, Flashing RED, or any color other than GREEN: There is an internal problem.

If there is an internal problem, the generator must be reset. Follow the reset procedure as listed on the top of the generator. If generator Operation Light fails to return to Solid Green, the unit needs to be returned. See instructions below on how to return a generator for service.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to repair the generator! Repairs should only be made by authorized, trained personnel.

Please remember that these are expensive generators and leased generators, while in your possession, you are responsible for them. The generator is an expensive, complex piece of equipment. To alter it is very risky and unnecessary.

How to return a generator for service:

First, contact us and provide the serial number of the generator. Please be ready to tell us about the problem you are experiencing with the unit.

If you have a leased generator, we will discuss exchanging it for a repaired and reconditioned unit; If you own your generator and the warranty has expired, we will discuss repair options with you.

We will instruct you as to the procedures for handling the generator. Carefully pack and protect generator in a suitable box for return shipment.

Important: Generators should be shipped by a courier with tracking service and insurance service.  Generators should be insured for a minimum of $1000.

Ship the generator back to us, freight prepaid and insured, to:

Catalytic Generators Australia Pty LTD
13 Brett Drive
Carrum Downs, VIC 3201
ph: (03) 9708 2540