Improved Packaging for Ethy-Gen II Concentrate

packagingSealed Caps and Lot Coded Bottles

Catalytic Generators has made improvements to the already amazing Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate. From now on, our concentrate will arrive in coded and sealed containers, preventing spills and assisting in tracking information.

By using an inductive sealing process on our bottles of Ethy-Gen® II, a hermetic, leak proof, and tamper evident seal is in place that will assure our customers that the contents haven’t been tampered with and that the original purity remains unchanged.

The inductive seals will be familiar to many, as they are used to protect many products, from bottles of sauces, juices and other foods, as well as many medications. We chose a liner that is called “Lift ‘n’ Peel,™” which is the easiest to remove seal. Often times a product uses a liner that requires a knife to cut it. This one has a flexible and strong tab that lifts and enables the seal to be quickly removed.


We have also invested in a lot coding process, which will place an identifying code on each bottle. Should a customer be involved in a recall of a ripened fruit product, Catalytic Generators could rapidly trace a complete history of the Ethy-Gen® II used to ripen the fruit, from manufacture date to bottle date.