Air Testing System

Accurately measures concentration levels of ethylene, carbon dioxide, and other substances in ripening and cooler rooms, and warehouses.

Easy to use: break off each end of sampling tube (sold separately), insert into pump and pull handle; an exact amount of air is drawn into tube. Clear indication of concentration level of the substance being measured is shown by the length of the stain in the glass tube. The measurement is precisely recorded for direct reading on a single calibration scale printed on each tube.

  • Single-stroke operation brings time-saving ease of use to gas detection.
  • Slender ergonomically designed, sure-grip shape; lightweight, corrosion-resistant and spark-resistant if dropped.
  • Piston-type volumetric pump assures accuracy every time.
  • Fail-safe handle locks in two positions which virtually eliminates incomplete samples.
  • Flow finish indicator on back of handle, making viewing instantaneous and easy.
  • A lifetime warranty, thus guaranteeing years of dependable, trouble-free operation.
  • Kit includes carrying pouch and spare parts.
  • Over 300 tubes for various gases available.

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